A short and sweet review of Rangasthalam

Mega power star Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam was being discussed in Tollywood for last one year. Ever since it was announced that Sukumar will be director and  Akkineni’s daughter-in-law Smantha agreed to act in the movie, the film created lot of expectations. The question in everybody’s mind was how effective will be Sukumar-Ram Charan combination? Since Maitri Movies had alloted big budget, all were expecting that Rangasthalam will create a sensation.

Ram Charan was doing this movie after one-and-half year gap after ‘Dhruva’ while Sukumar was directing a film after a gap of over two years since his class hit ‘Nannaku prematho’. After a year long wait Rangasthalam finally hit the screens on Friday to storm the box-office. After premier show what the viewers were feeling let us see this in short review.

To begin with the way the director introduced the characters was excellent. Sukumar narrated through this movie a story that played for the entire year 1980. This was explained through some scenes shot beautifully. Rangasthalam is a village …the year was 1980…such facts were narrated by the director through some scenes in a manner easily understood by all. As hero, Ram Charan makes a simple entry. It is so simple that it was not seen any other movie in his career. He arrives on a bicycle. Subsequently other characters meet in a funny way and the story moves ahead with speed.

Ranga Ranga Rangasthalam song, which highlights the movie subject, attracts everyone. Anusuya as Rangamma makes dramatic entry. Jagapathi Babu makes silent but grim entry. His acting is superb. Prakash Raj character twist remains a suspense till the end and it adds value to the movie. Aadhi Pinisetty as Chitti Babu’s brother and Rohini-Naresh are seen as their parents. Some flashback scenes, comedy scenes and Prakash Raj’s politics are the highlights of the first half.

Enta Sakkagaunnave song with Samantha’s entry is another highlight. Samantha has also acted well. Before the second half the story takes unexpected turns.

Movie’s long duration is a big minus point. There are too many election-related scenes. Second half fails to attract. It has mostly expected scenes. Dialogues also failed to attract the attention. Action scenes capture the viewers’ attention. Overall, Charan’s acting is the movie’s highlight. The gestures of lungi sporting Charan as Chitti Babu and film songs are the strengths.

Sets are also very good looking. However, it remains to be seen how different sections of viewers react to the movie. It claims to be 1980 story but we have been seeing this since 1960s. Sukumar has made a good attempt to present an old story in a new style with new age actor’s. However, emotional connect is missing. Can’t predict the commercial result of the movie. Will meet soon with full review.

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