Nani’s another hit certain?

Nani movies come with minimum guarantee. That’s why there are many  instances of Nani movies becoming average hit. People flock to theatres to see his natural way of acting. Nani who recently turned producer tasted the success. He is coming before audience with new film ‘Krishna Arjun Yuddham’. The trailer of this movie was released yesterday at the pre-release event.

He has narrated the film’s story through trailer. Nani is doing two charachters in this film – Krishna who lives in village and Arjun as a city guy. Krishna tries to woo every woman he comes across and get chided in the process. Nani in Arjun’s role believes sincerly loving a woman is like picking up fight with Italian mafia.

Two charachters of Nai love two heroines. Will their love succeed or not? How rural Nani helps city Nani? The film answers these questions. Trailer shows it is purely a mass entertainer. In Krishna’s role Nani speaks Chittoor accent while as city hero he uses posh language. He is comfortable doing the both. Overall, going by the trailer, Nani’s another hit looks certain.

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