Rakul Preet Counters Sri Reddy

Right now the most trending topic in Tollywood is Casting Couch. Even though it is a common word in any movie industry it has come to the fore front in Tollywood now a days, thanks to the efforts put forth by actresses like Sri Reddy and Madhavi Latha. These actresses are not mincing any words to bring this bad culture in the industry into limelight.

But this whole topic has taken a different turn when actress Rahul Preet Singh commented on this in a recent meet.  Rakul said that she has been working in Tollywood for many years now and she never faced this issue till now.

In responding to Rakul’s comments, Sri Reddy and Madhavi said that Rakul is misleading people. They also came down hard on Rakul saying that she has settled well and also doing other businesses. In turn Rakul too gave a fitting response to Sri reddy saying that it is fortunate that her parents do not know Telugu language, other wise they would have felt bad thinking that their daughter is working in such a bad industry. Rakul also requested these actresses not to insult the Telugu Film Industry.

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