Vijay Mallya’s key role in AP politics

Vijay Mallya, who is living a luxurious life in London after cheating banks to the tune of Rs.9,000 crore is now playing a key role in Andhra Pradesh politics.. Though Vijay Mallya is in London, he has become the hot topic in AP politics. Both ruling Telugu Desam and opposition YSRCP are using Vijay Mallya for their campaigns. What is the link between AP politics and Vijay Mallya? Why everyone including AP Chief Minister Chandrababu using the name of Vijay Mallya? Why YSRCP leaders also chanting his name? This is the current debate in AP.

It was first TDP president and Chief Minister Chandrababu who compared Vijay Sai Reddy with Vijay Mallya. Terming Vijay Sai Reddy an economic criminal, Chandrababu demanded that his Rajya Sabha members should be cancelled as was done in the case of Vijay Mallya. Chandrababu wondered what work Vijay Sai Reddy has in the prime minister’s office. He also alleged that Vijay Sai Reddy is running around the prime minister’s office to save himself in the court cases. Chandrababu went to the extent of claiming that Vijay Sai Reddy is ruling the prime minister’s office and even trying to implicate him in false cases. Bitterly criticizing Vijay Sai Reddy, Chandrababu said Vijay Sai Reddy is bigger economic criminal than Vijay Mallya.

Now Vijay Sai Reddy has also made serious allegations against Chandrababu. He claimed that in March last year Chandrababu went to London and met Vijay Mallya. He demanded that Chandrababu should explain why he met Vijay Mallya. Vijay Sai Reddy also alleged that TDP took Rs.150 crore party fund from Vijay Mallya before 2014 elections. What is significant is that he even revealed the date on which Chandrababu met Vijay Malya. However, TDP reacted strongly to this. It announced that if it is proved that Chandrababu met Vijay Mallya then it is ready for anything.

The question is why Vijay Mallya who has nothing to do with AP has been dragged into AP politics. While he is living a lavish life in London and has even married for the third time, in AP the main political parties are using him to criticize and hurl allegations at each other. Vijay Mallya who has defrauded banks of Rs.9,000 crore is living a cool and lavish life in London but here the ruling and the opposition parties are chanting his name. Comparing each other to an economic criminal like Vijay Mallya.

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