‘Chal Mohan Ranga’ movie review

Trivikram Srinivas, who spells magic with his words, has not only penned the story of ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’ but is also a partner in production of the this film. This movie has many specialties as Nithin has acted in it after a disaster like ‘Lie’. The lead pair of ‘Lie’ Nithin and Megha Akash is back in ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’. Another special aspect is power star Pawan Kalyan. The film has been jointly produced by Shreshta Movies and Pawan Kalyan Creative Works. For the first time Pawan Kalyan as producer and Nithin as hero have produced ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’. By attending the recently held pre-release event, Pawan Kalyan added to the hype around this movie.

The film teaser and trailer clearly shows the Trivikram mark. He has shown his pen power and flavor. The film was released a day before the week-end and it has already completed premiers overseas. What was the talk after the premier? Here is a review by Telugupost.com

Nithin goes to America where he comes in contact with heroine Megha Akash..Finally they fall in love..then they separate due to various reasons. Megha comes to India. Mohan Ranga follows her to India. Why did they separate? What are the hurdles in their love? How do they unite again is the story.

First half is full of love and comedy scenes shot in the US and director Krishna Chaitanya has presented it beautifully. Nithin’s acting as lover boy is super. Nithin-Megha Akash chemistry is great. The interval with twist creates more interest among audience. However, the second half is not eye-catching.

Though the story is not great but, director Krishna Chaitanya has created magic with his story-telling. Entertainment and emotional scenes connect well with the audience. Pawan, Chiru spoof scenes have been written much to the liking of mega fans. Film length is right. The film is also technically good.

Plus points:
-Nithin, Megha Akash chemistry
-First Half

Minus Points;
-Routine story
-Lagging here and there
-Second half

‘Chal Mohan Ranga’ will make the youth happy

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