Jana Sena struggling for survival as TDP, YSRCP race ahead

Andhra Pradesh politics looks melodramatic. Some parties trying to have an impact at the national level while some others are struggling for survival at the state level. By moving no-confidence motions against the central government for refusing to give special status to Andhra Pradesh, TDP and YSRCP trying to get the attention of the entire country. On other hand, Jana Sena, CPI and CPI-M are struggling to survive at the state level.

If the honesty of TDP and YSRCP is analysed, one gets the feeling that they have their own political interests. TDP has its own interests. Same is the case with YSRCP. They may have selfish interests but they sold away the movement to some extent. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who was expected to create political ripples in Telugu states has tripped. There is criticism that he is unable to face the strategies of TDP and YSRCP.

Without clear plan and unambiguous stand towards other parties, Pawan is trying to thrive on mere hero image. Pawan, who campaigned for BJP-TDP alliance in the previous election, has now distanced from both the parties. Pawan Kalyan is targeting only TDP on special status issue and uttering nothing about BJP. This has created confusion as to what is his stand. Since he himself is confused, BJP, TDP and YSRCP have apparently decided to ignore him.

A situation has been created where even people may take him lightly. Pawan had set up a fact-finding committee to go into the funds provided by the Centre to the state but the work of this committee came to a halt after a couple of meetings. Even Undavalli Arun Kumar and Lok Satta leader Jayaprakash Narayan are not to be seen with Pawan. Now he has only left parties. Pawan Kalyan is planning to launch a movement for special status along with CPI and CPI-M.  It is noteworthy that CPI and CPI-M which failed to have any impact at the national level are joining hands with fledgling Jana Sena at the state level for their own survival.  There are reports that leaders of the left parties have the apprehension that by joining hands with a confused Pawan Kalyan they may lose whatever little existence they have.

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