‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ trailer review: A hit looks guaranteed


For last one year, not just Mahesh Babu’s fans but Tollywood filmgoers were eagerly waiting for ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’. Earlier, ‘Srimantudu’ in Mahesh-Koratala combination had proved a super hit. Since the combination was repeating and Koratala had given three block busters in a row, the expectations  from this movie were huge. The audience had gone mad after watching the trailer at pre-release function.

Koratala took all care to ensure that the film story is not revealed in 2.01 minute long trailer but it answers questions like in the context of problems faced by people due the rotting political system, how Mahesh enters politics to respond to people’s problems? How he cleans the dirty political system? Finally how he becomes the chief minister? How he answers the opposition who targets him in the assembly.

New players come into politics. If they get public support, the existing political forces unite to ask why should new people come when we are here. If anybody has to be in power, we should be. From outside they appear to be fighting each other but behind the scenes they join hands. Trailer gives small hint that this is what happens in the movie. Devraj, Prakash Raj and Ravi Shankar are key political leaders here. Who among them are in position and who are in opposition will be known after watching the movie.

It is clear that in this film made in the political backdrop, Koratala has given a good message as he had done in his previous movies. Trailer had explosive and punching dialogues.

Mahesh’s dialogue, “Were you reminded of King’s rule, when tried to correct the mistake? But, I was reminded of mother and father”,  is a big hit.
And, the background theme “I, called Bharat, am assuring…. this is … ” is very touching.
Ravu Ramesh dialogue about Mahesh,”At last, one person came. I thought politician”, spoke of the greatness of his character.
Mahesh’s political punch “I hereby promise to make you all great men who stand on their word” is very catchy

If somebody becomes CM, his rivals can’t remain mute spectators. That is why Mahesh had to struggle a lot and fight with them. It appears unlike his previous films, Koratala has give more action dose in ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’. He has made it clear in trailer that there will be chasing scenes along with fights. Finally, Mahesh will be coming to theatres on April 20 to clear doubts of all in the House (Assembly).

After watching trailer, every fan is ready to give in writing that ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ will be a hit. But what will Bharat do? Let us wait and see.

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