Pawan Kalyan goes back to his hideout

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had gone back to his hideout as he is not heard anymore after his ‘historical’ padayatra for five kilometres that went on for two hours in Vijayawada. Aligned with the CPI and CPM, Pawan Kalyan is making political statements that have no follow up from his own party.

In a short time, he had earned a name of playing part time politics as he disappears from the political scene after one or two appearances. A politician is expected to be seen and heard on daily basis or even hourly basis and Pawan Kalyan is an exception to this. These days, particularly after his unsuccessful Joint Fact-finding Committee (JFC), the Jana Sena chief had aligned with the Left parties. He is seen locked between CPI’s Ramakrishna on one side and CPM’s Madhu on the other. While there are no objections for his political affiliations, one wonders why he is not heard like a politician.

Politics are changing at a greater speed in the State with the TDP and YSR Congress changing their strategies every hour. The State is boiling ahead of the summer with agitations in one form or the other keeping people engaged, though not confused. It is the right time for the politician to be active and be with the people in one form or the other. People are expecting the leaders to speak for them on special category status and other demands. People make their assessment based on the performance of the leaders in a situation like this.

Chandrababu Naidu’s seniority and experience was the core issue in the 2014 elections though he was not clear on his stand in the bifurcation. But, he was active at that time making his own statements every day and every hour. He was seen and heard when people were on the roads fighting against bifurcation. This is how a politician has to plan his career.

Having decided to contest the next round of elections, the Jana Sena chief should change his strategies of going out of the reach of the people frequently. The public appearances now and then will not help him to prove his abilities or his commitment to the people. In politics there is no interval for the leader to be successful.

Whatever the line he takes or whichever party he aligns, Pawan Kalyan should be seen and heard without an interval, at least for the next election. Otherwise people would ridicule him as a part-time leader and there is no part-time job in politics.

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