Big achievement for Ram Charan after ‘Rangasthalam’ success

Words are not enough to describe how much energy ‘Rangasthalam’ hit has given to mega hero Ram Charan. This is his second film after ‘Magadheera’ to reach to this level of success. Ram Charan is currently enjoying the success of ‘Rangasthalam’. Under Sukumar’s direction, Ram Charan as Chitti Babu has given his career best performance. Audience can never forget the acting of Chitti Babu. On one hand Charan had got huge hit with ‘Rangasthalam’ while on the other the movie is showering money on producers. It can be undoubtedly said that ‘Rangasthalam’ will be a milestone in Ram Charan’s career.

It’s not just the heroes of mega family who have praised ‘Rangasthalam’ but several other personalities of the film industry have also appreciated it. Allu Arjun was late to react. He commented yesterday that no other actor than Ram Charan would have done Chitti Babu’s role so brilliantly. He said that some films suit to some people. Sukumar has shown that it’s not just Tamils but we also can make films close to nativity, said Allu Arjun. He also added that his son wakes up on hearing ‘Rangasthalam’ songs. On Saturday night, Ram Charan along with his uncle power star Pawan Kalyan and his wife Anna Lezhneva watched ‘Rangasthalam’.

After watching the movie, Pawan Kalyan told the media that after ‘Tholi Prema’ this is the first movie he watched in theatre. He said Ram Charan’s acting is amazing. “Maitri Movies has produced a good film. The story written by director Sukumar is superb. This story is close to reality and wonderful. The film has touched my heart. Now, let us stop at this. Will talk remaining issues about the movie at the success meet,” Pawan said hinting that he will attend the success meet. Ram Charan watched ‘Rangasthalam’ with his wife Upasana, uncle and auntie. If ‘Rangasthalam’ turning a hit is one achievement for Ram Charan, the other big achievement is his uncle watching the movie and lavishing praise on it.

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