Guess how much Sukumar earned from ‘Rangasthalam’

Director Sukumar, who superbly showcased the village environment of 1980 in ‘Rangasthalam, was reported to have taken huge money for this movie? How will Sukumar show the rural environment that existed 30 to 40 years ago. There were also many doubts whether people of this modern age would connect with the situation that prevailed then. However, after the release ‘Rangasthalam’ has impressed mass and class audience. It is being said that Sukumar who made this film brilliantly did not take money. Maitri Movies had given Sukumar some advance before the launch of the movie. After that, he did not take money in any form.

However, he is learnt to have sought overseas rights as his wages. This is because Sukumar’s movies have good market overseas. His movies which were average here became hit overseas. Since Ram Charan doesn’t have big market overseas, ‘Rangasthalam’ did not get huge offer for its rights from overseas. It is being said that during the cinema’s shooting, they offered Rs.9 crore but since big films flopped there in a row, they later backtracked. That is why when Sukumar asked overseas rights as part of his wages, the producers agreed without a second thought. It was estimated that if ‘Rangasthalam’ proves a big hit, it will get two million dollars from the US. However, the film is on course to make three and half million dollars in the US.

Trade circles estimated that in the US alone ‘Rangasthalam’ share is Rs.12.5 crore. Similarly, the movie did outright business of Rs.2 crore in Arab countries, UK and Australia. It is being said that Sukumar will earn Rs.14 to Rs.15 crore from overseas. After seeing this filmmakers are getting ready to sign Sukumar by giving some advance. However, Sukumar has made it clear that his next project will also be with Maitri Movies.

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