TDP’s campaign against BJP in Karnataka is suicidal

The Telugu Desam Party is now campaigning against BJP in the neighbouring Karnataka elections. As a political party, TDP is free to campaign for any one in any election. But, after breaking alliance with the BJP, the TDP’s campaign in Karnataka is seen as suicidal.

Politically, TDP has no stakes in Karnataka. It is neither contesting the elections, even in the Telugu-people dominated areas. But, the campaign against the BJP is seen as suicidal by the BJP leaders, because the BJP at the Centre is already waiting for an opportunity to hit the TDP. The BJP is leaving no rival party safe in the country. This is seen across the country for the past three years.

The BJP had smashed the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh and had buried the Marxist Party in Tripura. It had also crushed the Congress in Goa. It will not spare the TDP in Andhra Pradesh. The BJP top leaders admitted that the party was waiting for the Karnataka elections to turn its eyes on the TDP. But with the TDP becoming active enemy in the Karnataka elections, the party is now setting its eyes on the TDP. The BJP is waiting for the nominations to be filed so that it will have a breathing space to take on the TDP.

With TDP’s senior leader and deputy chief minister K E Krishna Murthy campaigning against the BJP in Karnataka, the Modi-Shah leadership had decided to keep the TDP in its place in the next two weeks.

The TDP might try to take advantage of the BJP’s action as witch-hunt, but the BJP is ready to do it. The leadership had already set its eyes on three Ministers and five senior IAS officers in the AP government. The intelligence network and the investigating agencies of the Central government have collected data about these Ministers and IAS officers and the files are ready to be opened. This would be a major blow for the TDP in the State.

“It is not as easy for Chandrababu Naidu to handle Modi-Shah as he did it with Vajpayee-Advani in the past,” is what the BJP leaders speak these days. Chandrababu Naidu had his word honoured when Vajpayee and Advani were heading the NDA. Now, the combination is different and is not as soft as the first NDA combination.

The campaign in Karnataka is also seen as a sign of possible alliance between the TDP and the Congress. It is widely said that the TDP is looking for an alliance with the Congress in the Telugu States, which would be mutual benefit. While the TDP wants to have a handful of seats in Telangana with the Congress support, the Congress is looking for a couple of MLA seats in AP with TDP alliance.

But, the alliance would be suicidal for both the parties. In fact, it would be more dangerous for the TDP than advantage. There is nothing for the Congress to lose or gain in the Telugu States. But, it is set to cost its power in AP for the TDP.

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