Commonwealth Gold Medal winner has no applause

The country had seen greater applause from nook and corner when the country won silver and bronze medals in Olympics in the past. The States and Central governments have competed with each other announcing cash prizes, house sites and jobs for the medal winners. There were huge rallies taken out in their honour. That was all for the silver and bronze medals.

But, today there is one such victory, perhaps even a better victory in the Commonwealth Games for India. It was not silver and bronze, but a Gold medal. India’s, to be specific, Andhra Pradesh youth, Ragala Venkata Rahul from Bapatla, had won Gold for weightlifting. Neither the Telangana government nor the Andhra Pradesh government applauded this victory. Surely, Gold medal for the country is greater than silver and bronze. Still, there is silence and there is no jubilation as it was visible in the past.

The power corridors of Delhi, Hyderabad and Amaravati were open with jubilation and prizes and job offers on silver plate for Olympic silver medal winner. The country applauded the victory and the social media was abuzz praising her. It was welcome and there is nothing wrong in praising the winner or honouring. But, here is a Gold medal and the winner deserves a better deal and applause. Unfortunately, the social media too is silent, which is very painful. Some people say Commonwealth games event is comparatively smaller than the Olympics. But, the Gold medal is not a small thing when you compare with the silver medal. And this is what people across the social media now say – an open display of discrimination.

India needs to wake up to accept the victories of the less privileged. The Telugu States and its Chief Ministers too need to welcome a historical victory of a boy from the neglected sections. The society, by displaying absolute silence to Rahul’s victory, displays its ugly face of caste discrimination and it is not good in the 21st century.

Ram Tatavarthi
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