AP CM promises award to weightlifter

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had finally responded to the record victory of Bapatla boy Rahul, who had won Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games. The Chief Minister had announced a cash award of Rs 30 lakh to Rahul, after the issue was widely circulated in the social media and prominently reported in the TeluguPost.

Till it was reported here, the government remained silent to Rahul’s record winning fete. It was only the Guntur district Collector who had announced a house site for this boy. There was no response from the government and the two Telugu Chief Ministers were conveniently silent to this victory. They did not respond this time as they did when P V Sindhu had won silver medal in Olympics. The social media too was selectively silent on congratulating the son of the soil and hailing his victory.

There is absolute caste domination in sports. The Indian sports sector is inflicted with caste and influenced by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. There is discrimination based on caste and gender. The women sportspersons are ill-treated. The men sportspersons are treated better and paid better too. The exploitation of women in sports, like the film industry, is plaguing the country. There are hundreds and hundreds of sports persons who are ignored, neglected and not given an opportunity to prove their talent.

There is also discrimination among the events. The football, basketball, volleyball, hockey or athletics are glamour less and only cricket has money, both for the players and the organisers. Except cricket, the other events have no sponsors and the players have less money.

The sports quota reservations are in the hands of the rich and influential persons while the talented sports persons go unnoticed. There are many Rahul’s around us, found toiling in the playgrounds or suffering and struggling in the office rooms of the leaders of the sports associations and Olympic associations in every city and every town.

Though late, the AP government had honoured Rahul for his victorious performance.

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