Pawan launches Operation Akarsh

Operation Akarsh… This was the common word in 2014 in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It was the weapon used by the ruling parties to deal blow to their political rivals. The opposition parties were scattered by this blow. In Telangana TRS car was overloaded while in Andhra Pradesh 23 YSR Congress MLAs crossed over to TDP. With less than a year to go for polls, the main political parties are again using the weapon of Operation Akarsh. There are indications that even Jana Sena, which completed four years, is also planning to use the same against TDP and YSR Congress. Pawan Kalyan wants Jana Sena to enter the electoral fray as a strong party. It is learnt that he is now focusing on senior leaders. TDP MP J. C. Diwakar Reddy’s comments have only strengthened this talk.

Pawan had earlier planned to lead Jana Sena on the path of new politics but now he appears to have changed the route. Till now the party had no strong leader other than Pawan. For four years, he had been trying to keep the party afloat with his charisma. He has made it clear that Jana Sena will definitely contest the elections though there is still no clarity as to how many seats it will contest. He is focusing on building the organization. Several leaders are waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s green signal to join Jana Sena. However, it is learnt that Pawan is using Akarsh mantra to woo key leaders of other parties.

TDP senior leader MP J. C. Diwakar Reddy has confirmed this. He commented that few months ago some envoys of Pawan came to him and tried to pressurize him to change the party. JC told a television channel in an interview that he rejected the offer. JC Diwakar Reddy said that he is not too keen on special status and if the Centre sanctions funds at par with the special status, he would convince the people of Andhra Pradesh. He also predicted that Jana Sena’s defeat in the coming elections is certain. JC said that if YSR Congress leader Jagan makes his Rajya Sabha MPs to resign, he too will resign as the MP.

In the previous elections, Pawan supported the TDP. That time he campaigned for TDP-BJP alliance. However, in the changed political situation, he started targeting the TDP. He said that he will fight against the AP government’s corruption. Since then, the gap between TDP and Pawan kept widening. In such a situation, inviting TDP MP to join the party is surprising. Not just JC but a minister belonging to Visakhapatnam district, another MP and at least four to five MLAs are also said to be looking at Jana Sena. It looks certain that on the eve of elections, key leaders from TDP, YSR Congress and other parties will cross over to Jana Sena. However, considering the present strength of Jana Sena and the leaders who are likely to join the party, it remains to be seen how much impact they will have.

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