Sri Reddy’s sensational allegations against Daggubati Abhiram

Sti Reddy – This name now needs no introduction. By making allegations against the leading personalities of Telugu film industry, she has caught the attention of the entire Telangana. She has now made sensational allegations against D. Rama Naidu’s grandson Suresh Babu’s son Daggubati Abhiram.

Who is Sri Reddy, Why is she doing this?

Sri Reddy began her career as a news reader in Sakshi TV. She had the craze to act in films and hence stepped into the industry. However, like many emerging actors, her film career was not smooth.  In the beginning, the industry gave her small roles but later did not show any interest. Hurt by this Sri Reddy declared a war on the Telugu film industry. Initially it was looking like a small publicity stunt but gradually Sri Reddy’s accusations have taken the shape of a storm.

She stated that her fight is against  casting couch which has become a  menace in Tollywood. She added to the sensation by declaring that she will come out with Sri Leaks on the lines of Suchi Leaks. She also shared on Facebook picture of her friend. The picture is not clear and this has sparked talk that she is deliberately doing publicity stunt. People were later shocked to know that the man in the picture is Daggubati Abhiram.

Sri Reddy has made public names of those who had indecent chatting with her on WhatsApp. She also posted screenshots of the chat. The names exposed by her include YouTube Harsha, Indian Idol Shriram, producer Ramesh Poppala, director Koratala Shiva and writer Kona Venkat. She has also named Shekhar Kommula.

The issue took serious turn when she staged strip protest in front of MAA. She had earlier threatened that she will resort to strip protest if justice is not done to her.

Sri Reddy said she is fighting so that others don’t have to suffer. She alleged that some influential people were managing media to suppress her fight. She, however, made it clear that nobody can stop her fight. “Due to the political game being played by some big people, several good actors were finished. I am not afraid of threats to my life. I don’t care your threats. I may look very small to you but my fight is not small.  I will continue the fight,”  she said while declaring that she will take her fight to the national level. In her latest comment on Facebook, she said  chief ministets of the Telugu states should respond.

With the serious allegations levelled against bigwigs of the industry, it appears that industry has crossed the stage where it could have sorted out the issue on its own. Before things go out of control, the government should intervene and order probe into the allegations made by Sri Reddy.

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