A lot more needed to change Telugu film industry

There have been several incidents that have exposed the Telugu film industry in the past. Now, it is the casting couch issue raised by actress Sri Reddy and others and the politics challenged by Posani Krishna Murali and others.

Actress Sri Reddy and some more female artists have raised several charges of exploitation in the film industry. The top actors, producers and directors on time and again claim that they are committed to the film industry and call it Telugu Kamala Thalli. But, their acts never show their loyalty to the industry. What is visible and invisible is too much of exploitation.

The big heroes, directors and producers exploit the small ones. The movies of the small ones or small budget are at the mercy of these leading bosses. There have been allegations of the industry top people suppressing the small budget films. This has to be corrected.

The other exploitation is based on the gender. The women in the industry are vulnerable. They are exploited to the core. Glamour and money is what forces these women to succumb to the pressures of these people. The women have to accept the demands and entertain them if they wanted roles in the films. As survival is important, it is a must for a woman artist to accept the demand, which is called the casting couch. Sri Reddy had taken the lead to expose it. She might have her own reasons to take the battle to the streets. But, it had benefited several other women who have been victimised and who are being victimised.

The industry big heads who claim their success to the industry never introduced their daughters to the films. They forced their sons, though not good in looks, on the screen. In several cases, the villain and other characters look handsome than these sons. Still they are forced. There are several top bosses in the industry who have daughters but none of them was introduced on the screen. Even if introduced,  they don’t indulge in exposing, which they see as a must and commercial element in the cases of other heroines. What is a must for other heroines is not a must for the girls from their own families. They are excluded from the skin shows.

There are several films that were successful without the skin show, but they live on the body show of the girls.

The other aspect is the political affiliations of the people from the industry.  Even now, as Posani Krishna Murali says, some leading producers and directors have extended support to Chandrababu Naidu and have claimed that their support is as good as the industry support. Krishna Murali raised objections to this statement and said he was never consulted on extending support to the TDP. “They are free to have their own political affiliations, but they cannot claim it as the industry’s support,” Krishna Murali said.

It is for these people to know that their personal and political affiliations are not the affiliation of the total industry. This dominating attitude has to change if they wanted the industry to be strong and successful.

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