Krishnarjuna Yuddham movie review

Krishnarjuna Yuddham movie review

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Actors: Nani, Anupama parmeswaran, Rukhsar Meer, Brahmaji, Ravi Avana, Subbaraju, Jaya Prakash, Rajendra Prasad and others.

Music director: Hiphop Tamizha

Cinematorgraphy: Karthik Ghattamaneni

Producers: Sahu Garapati, Harish Peddi

Director: Merlapaka Gandhi

Only Nani can entertain audience be it mass or class. That’s why he has been consistently successful. In a successful journey which began from ‘Yevade Subramanyam’, he gave successive hits like Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadh, Gentleman, Majnu, Nenu Local, Ninnu Kori and, Middle Class Abbayi. Whatever may be the role, Nani with his natural acting impresses all. With consecutive hits, he has high demand in the market and that is why producers and directors are vying with each other to do films with him. However, Nani is not accepting all the offers. He chooses only those stories which suit him and can entertain the audience. He has now done a movie ‘Krishnarjun Yuddham’ under the direction of Merlapaka Gandhi. In this film, he has done a class role and another a mass role. Merlapaka,  in all his films, highlights comedy to showcase heroism. ‘Krishnarjun Yuddham’ trailer and teaser show that in this film too he has given emphasis on comedy.Trailer also gives the clarity that Nani has acted in a mass role. Trade circles have huge expectations from ‘Krishnarjun Yuddham’ with Merlapaka Gandhi-Nani combination. The release at the hands of successful producer Dil Raju increased the expectations. However, audience don’t look enthusiastic. There are no definite reasons for this but there is no big hype among audience as seen for Nani’s previous movies. Ram Charan’s ‘Rangasthalam’ is currently ruling the market. Will Nani, who has many successes to his credit, will score another hit and overtake ‘Rangasthalam’. Let us see in this review.


Nani has played double role. One role is mass while the other is completely class. Krishna (Nani) is a pure village boy who is also moody and adamant. Arjun (Nani) has playboy mentality. He is a class boy who takes everything easy. The entire cinema revolves around either Krishna in village or Arjun on foreign soil. In a village in Chittoor district, Krishna falls in love with Ria (Rukhsar) at first sight. On the other side Arjun also falls in love with Subbalakshmi (Anupama). Krishna lives happily in love with Ria and along with his friends. On the other hand, love also blossoms between Arjun and Subbalakshmi. Amid this, Krishna in Chittoor and Arjun in a foreign country lose their love due to similar problem. What Krishna and Arjun do to save their love? What is the common problem they face at two different places? How Krishna and Arjun together find a solution to their problem? The answers to these questions form the remaining story.

Actors and Acting:

Nani has again proved that he is the natural star. He acted brilliantly in ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ as a lover who loses his memory. He was equally good in ‘Ninnu Kori’ as a young man who wins his love. He was brilliant in ‘Middle Class Abbayi’ as a middle class boy who sacrifices his life for his loved ones. Though the film did not evoke much appreciation, it became a block buster thanks to Nani’s craze. In ‘Krishnarjun Yuddham’ too Nani has impressed as village boy Krishna. Nani does roles like village boy Krishna with ease. Since the role had scope for comedy, Nani has made full use of it. In the first half, he made everybody laugh with his comedy timing. However, he could not do well the role of Arjun. As Nani said in some interviews, the character of Krishna connects with audience but the character of Arjun does not easily connect with the audience. Coming to heroines, Anupama Parmeswaran and Rukhsar look feast to eyes. Anupama delight the audience with her cute looks. She impresses as a traditional girl. Rukhsar rides on glamour. The main highlight of this movie is Brahmaji’s comedy. He has impressed with his comedy timing. Remaining actors Avana, Subbaraju, Jaya Prakash V and Rajendra Prasad are good in their respective roles.

Performance of technical category:

‘Dari chudu’ is the only block buster in Hiphop Tamizha’s music. Remaining songs have failed to impress. Since there are no great scenes in the movie, Hiphop did not get an opportunity to show his talent through background score.

This film’s main highlight is cinematography. Like always, Karthik Ghattamaneni has taken every frame brilliantly. His cinematography is impressive in showing village atmosphere and song picturisation. Director Gandhi should have taken more precautions in editing. The second half has many useless scenes. They should have been cut. The money spent for this film by the producers is seen in every frame.


In movies like Venkatadri Express and Express Raja, director Merlapaka Gandhi relied on comedy without giving importance to the story. There are instances where the films which focussed on comedy and neglected story connected well with the audience to become hit. Merlapaka’s previous films were same. Merlapaka repeated the same formula in ‘Krishnarjun Yuddham’ Taking a routine story, he gave more importance to comedy. However, weak story is the main negative point of the film. Leaving the main point, Merlapaka focussed on love story. The first-half is inspiring as it makes audience laugh. However, in the second half the movie is dull. With no attractive song and dance in the second half, the film looks boring. There is no reasonable climax. It looks as if the film is moving ahead in a hurry. There is nothing new in the story which is the main problem. The screenplay is good in the first half with the highlight being the comedy. Some dialogues of Nani’s characters sound well. ‘What’s up..why are you talking irrelevant things like Dravid talks in cigarette ad’ and ‘if she shows chappal, it means she is new to this village’ are some of the good dialogues.

Nani’s films may get average feedback but audience make them hit. Nani’s previous film MCA proved this. The first half of ‘Krishnarjun Yuddham’ is the highlight while the second half is dull. But how the audience react to this film of Nani will be known in another two days.

Plus points: Nani’s acting as Krishna, comedy, Brahmaji comedy, two songs, first half, cinematography

Main points: Routine story, second half, music, editing.

Rating: 3.0/5

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