Pawan’s attitude raises many questions

There is no man who can be compared to me, goes the lyrics of a Telugu song. Pawan behaved the same way when he took a plunge into politics. This was his attitude when he was heading the youth wing of the party floated by his brother Chiranjeevi. When he formed Jana Sena, he said that he came into politics to question and to remove the sufferings of the people and that he does not need power. Every person who enters politics says he is doing this to serve people but Pawan made it clear that he came into politics to fight on behalf of people.

Though  four years have passed since he formed the party, he is facing mounting criticism for failing to stand by his word on the issue of special status to the state and completion of Polavaram project ahead of the schedule. People are eagerly waiting for special status to the state. CM Chandrababu had declared that special package is enough and that it is more beneficial than special status. Now it is proved that people did not trust him.  People are voluntarily coming on to the streets to fight for special status. In this situation, it is being asked how far Pawan has succeeded in leading the people and whether he has achieved the success.

If we go into this issue, it can be said that Pawan has done nothing except the recent padyatra in Vijayawada. That too was three km that he covered on a single day. Will this one protest force the central government to melt down? Come down? The fact is the Centre did not respond when the MPs paralysed the Parliament. CM Chandrababu did not get PM Modi’s appointment even after going to Delhi for 29 times. How much Pawan should have done in this situation? Now people are asking this question. Some are even commenting that Pawan is afraid of questioning the Centre.

Many are questioning what did Pawan achieve by holding JFC meeting for two days. TDP leaders are alleging that Pawan has sold out to BJP. Even if we keep this allegation aside, the million dollar question is that at a time when there is a need to fight against BJP, why Pawan is not responding and why is he not moving ahead by bringing together all sections of the society, especially youth. Is Pawan facing any crimes or cases? Then why is he lagging behind? This is the question by common man. If a leader who has people’s following lags behind like this then who will fight for people? Who will come forward? There are many questions. It remains to be seen how Pawan responds to them.

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