Jana Sena’s strategic friendship with Left parties

Jana Sena and the Left parties are working together in Andhra Pradesh. They are evaluating possibilities of an electoral tie-up.At the same time, both are analyzing the benefits they will get from the alliance. They seem to be taking every step with mutual confidence. However, doubts and suspicions are also being expressed. It is the political interest which will decide as to how long their friendship will last or whether they will severe the ties.

The Left parties have dedicated leadership for organizing the movements but media and people don’t give them their due. CPI and CP-M continuously organize protests against the government policies and to demand amenities to people. The Left parties keep fighting on problems of Anganwadi workers, contract employees and unorganized labourers. Problems don’t get solved but at least come to the people’s notice. Police keep arresting the agitating leaders. This has been the situation in Andhra Pradesh for last four years. They organized many protests over the issues related to the state capital, farmers and municipal and Anaganwadi workers. However, they did not get wide publicity. It can be said that the government nearly suppressed all agitations. However, after joining hands with Pawan Kalyan, the Communist leaders look enthusiastic. With youth getting attracted, the red flag is fluttering high. With comments like Pawan Kalyan’s speaks the language of the Left are only adding to their enthusiasm. In the past, suffering police lathicharge, siege and cases had become common for them. They anyway had no chance of coming to power. CPI and CPI-M know that they can’t win even a few seats on their own.

With Pawan Kalyan distancing himself from TDP and BJP and announcing that he will stand by the Left parties, the top leaders of these parties feel that they have received a shot in the arm. That’s why these leaders without going into ideology or other issues are waiting to show their importance by attending the meetings whenever called by Pawan.

It is estimated that Pawan Kalyan has 25 lakh hardcore fans in the state. This is a huge number. The fans are always ready to follow his orders. They worship their hero with their wealth. Membership is not a strength of the traditional parties. That’s why this is a powerful vote bank. They are not sold out to vote for the rivals. However, bringing them all on one platform is easier said than done. One weakness haunts them. Barring the two Godavari districts, their numbers are scattered. In 15 out of 34 constituencies in Godavari districts, the number of Pawan fans is estimated to be one lakh each. Considering the social equation, this is more or less correct. Pawan Sena will be enough to win these seats or influence the result. Pawan is keen to see the ideology of Left parties reaching Jana Sena. This will give ideological basis to the party and force to carry on the struggle. This is a strategic move. This will also help in having disciplined workers. The Left parties have their genesis in struggle. This will be a plus point for Jana Sena.

A gesture can speak thousand words. These days leading actors are participating in the film functions of each other. They are sending signals that they don’t have any enmity and thus urging their fans not to fight each other. At a recent padyatra in Vijayawada, Pawan gave the same signal. As senior Marxist leader Madhu was sweating profusely and had taken off his shirt, Pawan held his shirt while participating in the rally. He tried to give the message that senior leaders should be respected. His gesture also has hidden messages in it. Though his fans were active and over excited, Pawan ensured that the red flags are not dominated by the flags of his party. This is the result of Pawan’s chemistry with the Left parties. However, Jana Sena too has some doubts. The question which is worrying the party is what if the Left parties use the strength of its workers and youth force to become stronger and demand more seats. The Left parties feel that other parties had been adopting use and throw attitude towards them for over 30 years. What is the guarantee that Jana Sena will not follow this path. The internal feeling is that they should take their own precautions. Leaders of the Left parties in their internal meetings are saying that the time for sacrifices has passed. Jana Sena feels that learning about struggles from the Left parties is fine but if the party follows their diktats then it will suffer. It is evident that Jana and the Left parties are continuing their friendship in a strategic fashion.

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