Bharat Ane Nenu’s much-awaited story

On one side  is a superstar and on the other is a director who has given three block busters to three top heroes. How will be the film in their combination? How will be the expectations? No need to mention this. With ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ getting released on April 20, promotion is also gathering momentum. The film story has already become public. Director Koratala Shiva has clarified on reports that the story was written by Thakita Thakita director Srihari Nanu.

He said he and Srihari were roommates since the beginning of their career. He said while Srihari gave the concept, he completely developed it. Koratala said that this is the reason he has specially given Srihari’s name in film titles. Coming to the film’s story, the first half introduces the hero, portrays his feelings towards the society and the situation he faces on coming into the real world after completing his master’s degree.

After completing the degree Bharat everywhere faces problems, discrimination, conspiracies and corruption. In the first hour, it is said that hero and heroine get introduced to each other. The story covers their love and the political situation in the state. Before interval the story takes U-turn to pick up speed. It is being said that the film goes into interval with a twist.

The second half reportedly moves with Mahesh’s entry into politics  and his becoming CM. The second half has many fast pacing scenes. That’s why despite the film having long run time of 173 minutes, the director did not agree to cut the scenes. Koratala has also spoken about this. Before climax all other parties come together to pull down Mahesh from the CM’s position. It’s being said that Mahesh’s moves to counter the conspiracies make the last 45 minutes fabulous.

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