‘Rangasthalam’ here to stay

A film set is made with lot of hard work. After the completion of the shooting, it will be painful to remove that set. Especially art director who makes that set gets emotional. Since demolishing the set is inevitable, it is done by everyone. However, set erected for ‘Baahubali’ was never removed. In Ramoji Film city, it has been turned into  an attraction for visitors.

Ramoji Film City is collecting charges from visitors watching the set. Similar thing is happening in the case of the set made for ‘Rangasthalam’ movie. The set made completely in village backdrop has not yet been removed. Though it is not being showcased like ‘Baahubali’ set but many people are coming there to see the it.

Without removing the set, with small changes it is being used for other movies. Sukumar said it is a matter of happiness that there is no need to remove the set. In the past building set made for ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara’ was not removed. By retaining the set, it was used for shooting of other films. Now there is talk that ‘Rangasthalam’ set will also be retained like that.


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