Kanna sets conditions before Jagan

Former Congress and presently BJP leader Kanna Lakshminarayana, who plays key role in Guntur district politics, is said to be overambitious. He is currently in BJP but there are reports that since he did not get the desired post in the party, he is planning to soon quit the saffron party. He already met his supporters, who too feel that there is no use of remaining in BJP. Currently the debate is on the post which Kanna had desired for himself. He was in Congress till early 2014. Realising that the Congress ship is sinking, he jumped to BJP. It is only four years since he switched loyalties.

Kanna directly set his eyes on the post of BJP’s state president. Since Kapu caste is becoming politically significant, all parties are giving it the priority. In this scenario, Kanna demanded that he be given the responsibility of heading the BJP in the state. However, BJP has many senior and senior most leaders. It was felt that if they were ignored and Kanna is made the president, it will create huge controversy. It’s for this reason that BJP leadership rejected his demand. Kanna is set to soon say goodbye to BJP and join YSR Congress Party. However, YSRCP first inquired about Kanna’s wish list.

In the past, Kanna was elected as MLA for five times – four times in a row from Pedakurapadu and once from Guntur West. Sixth time he contested from Guntur West on Congress ticket and lost. As BJP has no future and he is not getting priority in the party, Kanna is getting ready to join YSRCP. However, it is learnt that his entry into YSRCP is being delayed due to the conditions he is putting before Jagan. There are reports that he is insisting on one MP and one MLA ticket for his family in the coming elections. He is reportedly seeking Guntur Lok Sabha ticket for himself and Guntur West ticket for his second son Phani.

He has put the condition that in case he is given Narsaropet Lok Sabha seat, his son should be given Pedakurapadu MLA seat. YSRCP chief Jagan reportedly spoke to him twice and assured to give him Guntur West ticket. However, Kanna is insisting that tickets should be given to him and his son. Once again, controversies and criticisms are surrounding Kanna. It remains to be seen whether Jagan will succumb to Kanna’s conditions or not.

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