Congress writes to Karnataka voters against BJP

The Congress in Andhra Pradesh had written an open letter to the Telugu voters of Karnataka to defeat the BJP in the State Assembly elections. AP Congress president N Raghuveera Reddy, in his letter, tried to explain how the BJP had betrayed the people of the State by going back on its election promise. He wanted the people of Karnataka not to trust the BJP, whatever it promises in the election.

The Congress chief further said that the BJP had no respect for the constitution too as it did not honour the provisions of the AP Reorganisation Act and the promises made by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the floor of Rajya Sabha, which were subsequently approved by the then Cabinet. The Congress tried to paint the BJP as anti-people and anti-constitutional.

Raghuveera Reddy, who had been leading the beleaguered Congress since its debacle after the bifurcation in 2014, wants his party leaders to campaign against the BJP in Karnataka elections. In the midst of speculation that the May 12 elections would give a hung Assembly in Karnataka in the triangular fight, the Congress wants to use every opportunity to have an edge over the two – BJP and the Janata Dal–Secular.

Though the Congress is poised to emerge as single largest party in the State with the BJP closely following and the Janata Dal-Secular of Deve Gowda to be the deciding factor with sizeable seats on hand, the Congress leaders want to make use of every opportunity to retain the power. Incumbent Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, enjoys the support of the people, it is said and if the Congress works together a bit hard, he can retain the power by reducing the chances of the BJP to wrest with the help of the JD-S.

All that the Congress has to do is to capture the Telugu votes in Bellary area besides the Mysore and Bengaluru where Telugu population is more. The AP Congress is now planning to tour these areas explaining the betrayal nature of the BJP. It is to be seen if this works with the Telugu voters of Karnataka to favour the Congress against the BJP.

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