‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ record in US but…

Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ has created a sensation overseas, especially in the US where it easily crossed ‘Rangasthalam’ collections. ‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ grossed 2.5 million dollars in four days after its release. It has now crossed 2.6 million mark. Trade circles estimated that this film in its full run in the US will earn 4 million dollars.

‘Rangasthalam’ has crossed 3.5 million dollars mark. This weekend, ‘Rangasthalam’ may complete the run at the US box-office. Trade experts believe that ‘Rangasthalam’ in its full run may reach 3.6-3.7 million dollars.

There are strong possibilities of ‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ crossing this mark quite easily. However, some buyers of this film may suffer losses. This is because there are reports that this film’s America rights were bought for over 18 crore. ‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ has currently achieved 3.5 million dollars to just reach breakeven point. Unless it earns 4 million dollars, the investors will not get their money back. Let us see how far ‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ succeeds in the US.

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