Posani makes indirect comments on Boyapati

‘Bharat Aney Nenu’ created a sensation after its release on April 20. It is rolling ahead by creating new wonders day by day at the box-office. Similar is the situation overseas, especially in the US where it has crossed 3 million dollars mark. Last night its success celebration was held on a grand scale.

This programme was attended by hero Mahesh Babu, Koratala Siva and several artists who worked in this film. Posani Krishna Murli also attended it. On this occasion, Posani made some comments which have gone viral. Talking about Koratala, Posani said “Siva is my nephew..He speaks few words like Mahesh Babu but works more. You may think that after coming to the industry, Koratala Siva earned a lot but in fact he has lost more. Many people lifted his stories. Otherwise, by now he would have 10 super hit movies.” Posani thus made indirect comments about Boyapati.

In the past, Posani directly criticized Boyapati in several interviews. On many occasion, he alleged that he was cheated by Boyapati Srinu and that’s why he doesn’t like him. Koratala also indirectly said that Boyapati did not give him importance in script and in many movies did not give him credit.

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