Naidu’s slip of tongue gets him funny comments

The social media in Andhra Pradesh saw loads of fun all through the day after Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu made a comment in his Tirupati meeting. He said that “Telugu Desam Party had the great history of fighting against the British”. It was a clear slip of tongue. He intended to tell the people that the “Telugu people had the great history of fighting against the British.” But the slip of tongue cost him more drawing wide range criticism. Interestingly, it was not because of his slip of tongue, but because of his son Nara Lokesh’s statement a few months ago in US that the TDP would win American elections.

Drawing parallels to the statement, the TDP critics came up with dozens of punch lines. There were also morphed photographs of Chandrababu Naidu sitting with Mahatma Gandhi in various events of the freedom movement. There were also long drafted statements of Chandrababu Naidu helping Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle. It was something like history re-written including Chandrababu Naidu’s contribution in the freedom movement and that was of course for fun.

There is another serious angle to this criticism. A leader who claims to be the senior most politician in the country with 40 years of experience is not expected to indulge in loose talk. He has to be judicious in his terminology and statements. There is no excuse for a successful leader in dropping words at his choice.

It was not for the first time that Chandrababu Naidu does this slip of tongue talk. Particularly in this term, he had done that several times. He was very careful and cautious in his public speeches in his earlier stint. He was short, at the best one hour, in his speeches either in the Assembly or in the public meetings.

But, this time, after the 2014 victory, he is often caught in slip of tongue talk. The greatest slip of tongue for him was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Amaravati for its foundation in 2016. In the presence of the Prime Minister, he asked for the special package instead of special status.

Later in the press conference when he was asked why he wanted special package, he said it was slip of tongue. This slip of tongue is costing him dear even today. He is paying heavy price for it and even forced to go back on his special package formula to the special category status to the State. As the special status had become the election slogan for all the parties now, Chandrababu Naidu is trying to correct his slip of tongue by fighting the battle with the BJP leadership.

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