Mudragada dares Babu to seek CBI probe

Kapu leader and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham wrote an open letter to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu asking him to seek CBI probe into the corruption charges against him and his son, Minister Nara Lokesh. The former minister said that Hindupur TDP MLA Balakrishna had openly challenged for the CBI probe against the Chief Minister and wondered why the Chief Minister was not welcoming it.

The Kapu leader also took strong exception to the Chief Minister orgnaising protests rallies and hunger strike across the State, when the same Chief Minister had disallowed such protests in the last four years. He said the Chief Minister did not allow the Kapus to organise padayatra or protest rallies in the State and had clamped prohibitory orders. He had also forced the police to book cases against the Kapu leaders for holding any protest. Now, the same Chief Minister is organising protests and wondered why the police were allowing them.

He accused the Chief Minister of doing injustice to the State in the last four years by going back on the demand for the special category status to the State. “He not only went back on the demand. He did not allow anyone in the State to raise the demand. He had used the police to suppress such movements and had even implicated cases against those who raised their voice for the special category status. Now, what moral right does he have to raise the same demand?,” he asked.

The Kapu leader also raised objection to the Chief Minister’s call to the people to form a circle around him and protect him if the Central government planned any witch-hunt against him. The Kapu leader wondered why would people take the risk of protecting a Chief Minister who did not allow anyone to speak for their rights in the last four years.

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