Review: Na Peru Surya (2.5 / 5)

Title: Na Peru Surya
Banner: Ramalakshmi Cine Creations
Actors: Stylist star Allu Arjun, Anu Emmanuel, Sharat Kumar, Arjun, Boman Irani others
Camera: Rajiv Ravi
Music: Vishal Sekhar
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Producers: Lagadapati Srisha Sridhar, Bunny Vasu
Director: Vakkantam Vamshi
Censor Report: U/A
Film duration: 168 minutes
Release date: May 4, 2018

Stylish star Allu Arjun is in sky range form in his career. Race Gurram to DJ all films of Bunny recorded huge collections, irrespective of the talk about them. Na Peru Surya is a film tried differently by Bunny in his career. He played a role of a powerful army officer while Anu Emmanuel has played the female lead with him. Under the direction of Vakkantam Vamshi, K. Nagababu has presented this movie. It was made under the banner of Ramalakshmi Cine Creations with Sirisha Sridhar as producer and Bunny Vasu as assistant producer. Vakkantam Vamshi, who became famous by writing blockbusters like Kick, Temper, Yevadu and Race Gurram, has made his debut as director. With this being his first film as director and Allu Arjun for the first time playing an army officer, how will be the movie? Everybody was curious to know. Apart from this worldwide theatrical rights of this film were sold for Rs.80 crore. Surya came with lot of hype. To what extent it has lived up to the expectations? Let us find out in this review by

Single story line:
The story is about how an army officer posted on border reacts to injustices in the society and what he does.

Armyman Surya (Allu Arjun) posted in Dehradun military campus on India-Pakistan border is a straightforward man. He can’t control even the slightest anger. He beats up anybody who does wrong. He gets suspended for beating an army officer. Surya who is away from family for 10 years come for the signature of his father who is dean Ramakrishnam Raju (Arjun). He tells his father about his love with Varsha (Anu Emmanuel) and breakup during these 10 years. Finally what is his conflict with father while taking his signature? How Surya fights injustice by Challa (Sharatkumar)? What happens to Surya’s army goal? Does he succeed in love? What Surya does for patriotism and national integrity? This is the film’s story.

Analysis of Story & Vamshi’s direction:
When heroine goes to tell her father about love and marriage, hero presses her throat to stop her in a fit of rage. He is very short temper. He can’t control even the slightest anger. This one dialogue explains the character of the hero. Serving in the Army the hero has the dream of doing the duty at the border but since he doesn’t control his anger he stays there as punishment. He beats up a minister’s son and when an army officer demands Rs.25,000 as bribe, the hero beats up him too and gets suspended.  He can get his Army job back with his father’s signature. Hero stays away from father and the family for 10 years..father is a top psychology professor in the world..After watching the behavior of his son in his childhood, he sends him away..Then when son comes after 10 years requesting his signature, how can he oblige…That’s why he puts some conditions and that’s how Na Peru Sruya story moves forward.

Not a great story..
When you see the films made in the past with the stories written by Vamshi, this is not a great story. There is scope for the comedy and the way it was elevated connects well with the audience. Surender Reddy, Puri Jagannath and Vamshi Paidipally gave comedy and action touch to the routine story to elevate it. With Vamshi holding the megaphone, audience were expecting something but since story itself is weak, he has shown exit board to those watching the movie. The soldier wants to go to border but nobody knows what happens to that goal. After watching heroes like Bunny in love scenes with heroine, all youth imagine themselves in those scenes. However, they will be disappointed in this film. Hero beats up somebody.. heroine falls in love..With his anger their love breaks up…Finally he also distances himself from his family with his anger. He gets suspended from Army due to the same reason..Except this anger there is no concept in the movie. Finally, heroine suddenly comes closer to him.

Average narration
Talking about the film plot, it moves ahead with average narration. At one or two points when one thinks that it will raise, it drastically falls down. Hero may be angry with his father but why doesn’t he talk to mother who stands by the side? What happens to his affection with the mother? There are no answers.

Before interval a scene where Arjun suddenly organizes a seminar to announce that Surya is his son is beyond comprehension.

Not convincing
The film has scope for action elements but their placement and design are not proper. First fight after coming to the army is good. In the second half there is scope for emotional scenes but their design and above this the presentation is disappointing. There is no scene which connects audience to the movie. Scenes come and they go and immediately audience forget them. Finally the director who wants to give some message has written the climax about patriotism and nation but this too is not impressive. Angry with the country for killing his father, Anwar leaves his house but suddenly returns to the house on seeing his photo on Facebook. This is no way convincing.

Vamshi has miserably failed in script writing, screen play and direction but earned some good marks for dialogue writing. There are some good dialogues. With no grip on direction, Vamshi could not properly establish the character of either the hero or those around him. The relation among characters and their relevance is totally lost. The audience don’t feel connected to any character.

How actors fared
Talking about actors, except hero Allu Arjun, the director has not properly designed any character. The elevation of hero’s character is also not great. Heroine is seen only in songs and three four scenes. There may be no scope for her acting but even her beauty has not received the attention. The character of hero’s father Arjun is just ok. The director has not used senior actors like Arjun. Why Nadhiya was included in the cast is not known. Sai Kumar and Vennela Kishore have done justice to their characters. Nobody knows what Sharat Kumar has done as villain. Anup Singh Thakur character is also not impressive. The remaining characters are not worth remembering.

How is the movie technically
Cinematography is dull. Song picturisation and some scenes are not proper. Background music of Vishal-Sekhar song is good. First fight is also good. With more scope for action, the fights have been given priority. Koragiri Venkateshwar Rao editing could have been sharper. Run time is also long. Scenes are lengthy. Since direction is weak, there was nothing Kotagiri could have done. The film was shot in limited budget.

Positive aspects:
Bunny’s energetic acting, dances
Two three scenes between hero and father

Negative points:
Slow narration
Very weak story line
Characters, Vamshi direction which failed to elevate story
Lengthy scenes
No scope for heroine, villain

Final verdict:
Vamshi who made a debut as director with Surya and a big hero like Bunny has disappointed. Main story and story line and direction are weak. Except action scenes, all other scenes look routine. Fans had expectations from Bunny and Na Peru Surya but they have not lived up to the expectations. More importantly the weak point is lack of strength in story and story line.  At least DJ film has succeeded with Bunny’s stamina but in Na Peru Surya there is no such scope. rating for Na Peru Surya: 2.5/5

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