He cheated VIPs to the tune of Rs.50 crore

The number of victims in luxury car case is increasing. Till now it was believed that accused Akash Goud collected Rs.20 crore but now this figure has reached Rs.50 crore. It is learnt that he cheated about 100 prominent people with the promise to supply luxury cars at low price. Those cheated include three public representatives from Hyderabad. Four leaders from Rayalaseema and 8 from Andhra were among those fell into his trap. Meanwhile, the list of those who purchased cars from Akash Goud is also ready. Task Force has prepared the list with 350 names.

In this case so far no VIP has come forward to say that he has been cheated. VIPs are maintaining silence because of fear that if they speak out this will affect their image in the society. On the other hand, if Akash who is in police custody reveals the details, then the VIPs will have to open their mouth. It was a public representative from Hyderabad who came forward to complain that Akash collected money from him for the luxury car but failed to deliver the vehicle. The Task Force registered a case in this regard and began the investigations. During the course of investigations, the details of the case are coming out. Akash promised to supply luxury cars at a price 30 percent  lower than the market price. That’s why VIPs transferred huge sums of money to him. However, till now he has delivered 350 cars to VIPs. Another 150 VIPs transferred Rs.50 crore online to Akash for luxury cars. Akash took the money but did not deliver the cars. Acting on a complaint, police registered a case, arrested Akash and launched the investigations. Police investigations revealed that at least 20 public representatives of the Telugu states who had paid money to Akash were cheated.

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