Karnataka polls: Latest surveys worry Congress

Congress leaders who were so far confident of winning Karnataka elections have suddenly started worrying. Till now they had been claiming that all surveys are in their favour and that they are sure to get the second term in power. However, latest surveys have shattered their dreams. In some regions, the confidence of Congress leaders that they have no competition has now weakened. The surveys which make it clear that in the crucial phase the party is trailing, are giving sleepless nights to the Congress leaders.

In some places, the Congress’ graph has drastically slumped and BJP’s popularity is gradually on the rise. This is causing tension to CM Siddaramaiah. BJP leaders say that the situation changed after PM Modi started campaigning. The Congress leaders in a damage control move have roped in former party president Sonia Gandhi for campaigining. The country is keenly looking at Karanataka elections. Both Congress and BJP leaders are leaving no stone unturned to win these election considered as semifinal. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and CM Sidda Ramaiah are planning to retain power in the state and deal a blow to the BJP.

On the other hand PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah are going all out to win the election to achieve their goal of Congress free India and to saffronise the country. As the Karnataka election date is nearing, this tension is increasing day by day. Till a few days ago, Congress was considered to be in a better position than BJP but the situation has now changed. Latest surveys are giving sleepless nights to Congress leaders while they have doubled the enthusiasm among BJP leaders.

A few days ago, BJP’s position was not good in Mumbai-Karnataka region but there too the party has improved it chances. This region comprising Belagavi, Bagalkote, Vijayapura, Gadag, Haveri and Dharward districts has total 50 assembly seats. Majority of them are held by Congress but the situation now said to have changed. In 2013 elections, Congress won 31 seats here. BJP could win only 13 seats. The division within BJP had led to the party winning only few seats.

CM Siddaramaiah had plans to win more seats in Mumbai-Karanataka region but this has now become a problem for Congress. The party is shocked by latest surveys which show BJP will gain in this region. The latest surveys have predicted that BJP will win 27 seats, Congress 21 and JD(S) two seats. If this happens it will be huge loss to Congress and BJP will benefit immensely. With the situation undergoing change, Congress has roped in its former president Sonia Gandhi for campaigning. Till few days ago it was considered a one-sided fight but now it has become tough.

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