Chandrababu sees AP at the top by 2029

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu reiterated that Andhra Pradesh will become the most developed State in the country by 2029. He made this comment during the Collectors’ Conference where he praised the officials for their initiatives in using technology in governance. He said that AP, which was synonymous with drought and cyclones had overcome the problem and is progressing at a greater speed.

“Continuous efforts in the last four years have showcased our resources and strength in various fields and now I am sure the State will register more progress with team spirit,” he asserted underlining the need for continued efforts.

The Chief Minister surprised the officials by describing himself as a team leader and coordinator. Stating that AP has put up a phenomenal performance and displayed excellent leadership, he said the credit for the achievements of the State goes to all.

“After overcoming all odds initially, we are entering the next level and it is time for all of us to work with more coordination,” he said. He emphasised the need for strengthening the relationship between the officers and employees.

He gave a pat on the back of the officials and government employees for putting in hard work in the last four years to register double digit growth in the state from zero after bifurcation. He also patted himself for leading the team with revenue deficit to the present revenue surplus. He reiterated that he always believed in hard work paying dividends. “I take every crisis as an opportunity to prove our strength and ability to face challenges. After bifurcation it was a challenge for everyone in the State to put the State on development track and in the last four years we have done it,” he told the officials.

Chandrababu Naidu said that the State is ahead of others in the use of IT in administration and innovative and best practices in agriculture and horticulture. “We have linked Godavari river with Krishna and were able to handle drought in Rayalaseema. There is now water everywhere, enough for the farmers and there is no looking back,” he asserted.

The Chief Minister wanted the officials to work hard for the next 20 years to keep the State above all the States in the country by 2029.


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