TDP loosing ground in its own bastion…?

One can’t say what happens next in politics. There have been many instances when leaders who felt they can’t be defeated had to bite the dust. This is what currently happening in Krishna district, feel observers. TDP has its domination here. Not just that, majority of leaders are from a powerful caste. TDP is sitting well here. Especially, Mylavaram, Gannavaram, Central and East in Vijayawada and Penamaluru are key constituencies in the district. Even in these constituencies, TDP is in formidable position. In Vijayawada, TDP is very strong. For YSRCP to come to power, it is important to become stronger in this district.

Realising this, YSRCP leader Jagan is trying to rejuvenate the party and prepare it for the competition. In this exercise, he is giving importance to new leaders. He is giving priority to leaders who are considered popular among people. As part of this Jagan ensured that former home minister and TDP’s strong leader former APCOB chairman Vasanta Nageswara Rao’s son Vasanta Krishna Prasad joined his party. Krishna Prasad met Jagan in Kaikaluru and along with his father joined YSRCP.

Talks were held on this issue for some time and with Jagan giving green signal for fielding Krishna Prasad from Mylavaram, the situation turned in YSRCP’s favour. However, ruling TDP leaders made all efforts to stop Krishna Prasad but it yielded no results. That’s why KP finally joined YSRCP. In the coming elections, he is going to contest for AP Assembly from Mylavaram. With KP’s entry, the impact on TDP will not be limited to Mylavaram. The KP impact will be felt in three constituencies in the district.

There will be huge impact on TDP in West Krishna’s Jaggayapet, Nandigama and Mylavaram constituencies. Vasanta’s followers are spread over in these three constituencies. Vasanta had good grip on the district in the past and even now he has huge following. This will be a plus point for his son. With KP directly contesting the elections, Vasanta heat will only increase in the district. Since Vasanta comes from key caste and served as the home minister in the past, his impact on the district is still there. People in the district still recall the services he rendered in the past.

With Vasanta’s son jumping in the fray, this enthusiasm will only go up. Vasanta Nageswara Rao in the past contested elections from Nandigama and Jaggayapet and established strong cadre. Krishna Prasad too contested from Nandigama. He also has vote bank in this constituency. Now, KP is contesting from Mylavaram. Observers say this development will give new life to YSRCP. A talk has started in the district that in these three constituencies, fan will put brakes on cycle. There is also talk that with KP entering the fray from Mylavaram, minister Uma Maheswara Rao will face a tough time.

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