Pawan gearing up for 2019 poll battle

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has speeded up his efforts. With just one year to go for elections and 10 months for poll notification, he is gearing up for the challenge. Pawan, who was so far maintaining political silence, is showing interest to implement his strategies one after another. As part of this, he will soon launch bus yatra. As per the information available now, Pawan will go it alone in the coming elections. Pawan recently announced that Jana Sena will contest on its own in all 175 seats in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan has started taking measures to strengthen the party.

Jana Sena leaders say with bus yatra to be launched shortly, he will  extensively visit the state to reach out to people. It is learnt that he is likely to invite leaders of his Kapu community. Till now Pawan had been maintaining that nobody from other parties will be admitted in Jana Sena. In view of the  elections, he is gearing up to invite key leaders of other parties. Since many key leaders are from Rayalaseema, he is focussing more on this region. Moreover, as presidents of both the ruling and opposition parties hail from Rayalaseema, Pawan is preparing a strategy to strengthen the party from that region.

Pawan is making an action plan to ensure that with his bus yatra there is massive influx of leaders in the party. Pawan has so far learnt to have held direct talks with  some leaders of the ruling and opposition parties. Pawan is making preparations for their induction into the party in their respective constituencies during the bus yatra. There are reports that senior leaders of the Congress party are ready to join hands with him. Pawan is said to be focusing on the leaders who have good prospects of winning the seats as the party will be contesting all the seats.

Pawan has already announced that in coming elections he will contest for assembly from Anantapur district in Rayalaseema. That’s why he is concentrating more on Rayalaseema districts. After Seema districts, Pawan is said to be targetting Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts. Jana Sena sources say Pawan is evolving a strategy to give tough fight to the ruling party in 2019 elections. There are also reports that Pawan is identifying the leaders and the regions which supported Praja Rajyam when it was launched. He is making a strategy to strengthen Jana Sena in such places. Pawan aims to defeat the ruling party in as many constituencies as possible while in other places he wants Jana Sena to give tough fight to emerge as key force. He thus wants to see Jana Sena as a decisive force in the coming elections. It remains to be seen how far he succeeds in his strategy.

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