Ram Gopal Varma targets Pawan again

These days, Ram Gopal Varma is fixing his target and then going on tweeting about  it. The target is no other than Pawan Kalyan. Varma in his own style  making a tweet every day and one  wonders if he is even sleeping. Recently, Pawan Kalyan and Ravi Teja attended the audio launch of ‘Nela Ticket’. Pawan, who was sitting next to Ravi Teja, cracked some jokes on torn jeans wore by Ravi Teja. Pawan commented that by following new trend, Ravi Teja is once again trying to look like a boy. Pawan kept his hand on Ravi Teja’s pant and touched at the places where it was torn. .

The related video is going viral on social media. After watching this video, Varma tweeted ‘This angle is there in Agnyathavasi Pawan Kalyan and going by the expression on Ravi Teja’s face it appears as if he is daring him to touch. However, mega family and Jana Sena party may not  know this secret.

Varma further commented that both the Telugu states would have prospered if Pawan Kalyan had kept half of the focus he had on Ravi Teja’s thigh. The filmmaker remarked that only God knows what is the connection between Pawan’s right hand and Ravi Teja’s left thigh. “This should be told to Jana Sena workers. That how much Pawan likes Ravi Teja’s thigh is apparent from the happiness on Pawan’s face.”

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