Why Somu did not get BJP chief’s post?

Somu put his foot into mouth. Has this cost him dearly? Yes, say political observers. BJP senior leader and MLC Somu Veerraju could not get the post of BJP’s Andhra Pradesh unit chief and various stories about this are doing rounds on the social media and websites. From all this only one reason becomes clear. Somu’s haste denied him the key post. Actually Somu Veerraju is a senior politician. He knows in and out of BJP very well. He attends RSS meetings. He also participates in Sangh activities.

Whoever comes from RSS, Somu makes it a point to meet him and discuss various issues. He has good grip on party policies and ideology. Keeping this in view, all had expected that he will be made state BJP president. However, surprisingly he did not get the post. It is a fact that in the list of names sent to BJP’s central leadership from the state, Somu was among the top. Former minister Manikyala Rao fully supported him. Manikyala Rao told the leadership that in the current political situation in the state the party will not get a better leader than Somu. Initially, the party leadership proposed to give the party chief’s responsibility to Manikyala Rao.

He had also received communication from Delhi. Following this he went to Delhi and held talks with BJP’s AP incharge Ram Madhav. Manikyal Rao told him that can’t discharge the responsibilities of BJP’s state president as he easily gets angry and moreover he is facing financial problems. He recommended Somu’s name for the post. There are reports that he told the BJP leaders that the party needs a leader like Somu to face TDP. The leadership was ready to show green signal but another group in BJP submitted to the leadership audio and video of Somu’s controversial comments.

Complaints were made to the BJP leadership that he can’t coordinate and if he is given the responsibility, several leaders will distance themselves from the party and he will not admit into the party, dissidents from Congress and other parties. Kanna Lakshminarayana is an undisputed leader in AP politics for about two-and-half decades. Besides being politically strong, he is also powerful in his Kapu community. The BJP leadership was told that if Kanna is made the party chief, he will succeed in attracting strong leaders from other parties.

Since Kanna is also from capital region, the BJP leadership reached a conclusion that he is the better choice. Half of the leaders in BJP’s AP unit were not ready to go with Somu. This was the biggest minus point for Somu. Because of his aggressiveness, the number of leaders who left the BJP is more than those who joined the party. Ram Madhav was also strongly in favour of making Kanna the state BJP chief. The BJP leadership also collected feedback from GVL Narasimha Rao who hails from AP. Finally the leadership named Somu as the convenor of election committee, which is an insignificant post. This development has badly hit Somu group. It remains to be seen how Somu reacts in coming days.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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