Pawan to launch padayatra from May 20

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had set May 20 to launch his padayatra in the three north coastal districts. The focus for his padayatra is the backwardness of the district and the problems of the people. He declared war against the ruling Telugu Desam Party in the State and the Bharatiya Janata Party at the Centre for the backwardness of the people.

“People are backward. Some parts of the State and the nation are backward. But the leaders are not backward. They are well developed,” the Jana Sena chief said and his target is to address the issues of the people. He realised that people were migrating to various places from their natives to find a living. He also saw the problems like drinking water, electricity, minimum wages, health issues that are more visible in the backward areas.

Pawan Kalyan claimed that he would fight against these issues and the first move is his padayatra which would continue for 45 days in the first phase. Later on he would hold protests in all 175 Assembly constituencies of the State. The core issue for his protests is the special category status, he declared.

While admitting his strengths and weaknesses to fight on the issues of the people, the Jana Sena chief said he would continue to represent the issues of the people without waiting for people to give him power. His fight is to mount pressure on the elected representatives and the parties which are in power both in the State and the Centre.

Pawan Kalyan is planning to contest the 2019 elections. As of now he had declared that the Jana Sena would contest all the 175 Assembly constituencies in the State. Though he had been working with the CPI and the CPM for the past six months, he did not mention about the possibility of electoral tie-up with the parties. It is to be seen if he would go alone or would have alliance with the Left parties as the ahead of the next elections.

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