SC order on Karnataka is a slap on BJP face

Karnataka politics is what everyone looks at now. The drama will end in a few hours from now making media to hunt for another issue. People too would get into their routine once the floor test in the Karnataka Assembly is carried out at 4 pm this evening. If Chief Minister Yeddyurappa passes the test, the drama ends positively for the BJP or else it would continue for some more hours. But that would have less interest for the people as the Congress-JD(S) combine has the enough numbers to form the government.

The BJP, with nine members short of the simple majority, had set 15 days for Yeddyurappa to prove his majority. He had set his eyes on the disgruntled Congress and JDS MLAs to help him out. As JDS leader Kumaraswamy alleged, the BJP had readied huge money to buy the Congress-JDS legislators, who, according to the BJP, are not happy with the alliance.

But, the Supreme Court order came as a slap on the face of the BJP as the order directed Yeddyurappa to prove his majority not in 15 days but in 24 hours. BJP, perhaps, did not expected this from the Supreme Court. But, by the time the order came, the Congress and JDS legislators were out of the BJP reach and were heading for Hyderabad. The BJP had less time and few opportunities to establish contact with the Congress-JDS legislators and win their confidence.

The Congress and the JDS are closely guarding their MLAs from being lured by the cash rich and power rich BJP. In all likelihood, the protem speaker is to convene the House at 2 pm to administer the oath to the newly-elected legisaltors. Only after this the House can take up the confidence motion to be tabled by Yeddyurappa around 4 pm as directed by the Supreme Court.

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