Pawan lashes out at Chandrababu, Jagan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has come down heavily on Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and leader of opposition Jaganmohan Reddy. He fired salvos at both the leaders. Pawan Kalyan, who was on a visit to Itchapuram in Srikakulam district, did not spare BJP, TDP or YSRCP. He assured the party workers that Jana Sena will come to power in the coming elections. He not only announced that Jana Sena will contest all 175 seats in the coming elections but also declared that after completing yatra in 175 constituencies he will launch fast unto death for special category status.

It is significant to note that Pawan told people that he committed a mistake by supporting TDP in the last elections and apologized to them. He said that he extended support considering Chandrababu’s seniority and not because of any fear. He alleged that Chandrababu hijacked TDP founded by NTR. Stating that Bharatiya Janata Party and TDP are one and same, he appealed to people not to trust them. Pawan alleged that Chandrababu’s ‘dharma porata’ is fake. He said people were losing faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Jana Sena leader alleged that false cases are being booked against Jana Sena workers at several places and warned that if this continues the party would not keep quiet. He advised TDP leaders to mind their language.

The actor-politician also alleged that YSRCP is not acting like opposition. He wondered how the party will solve people’s problems without attending the state assembly. He said it has become habit of the leader of opposition to politicize every issue. He wondered how the people will trust the leader of opposition who is going to people instead of going to assembly to solve their problems. Pawan alleged that YSRCP leaders are ready to do anything for the sake of chief minister’s post. He remarked if he had five MLAs with him he would have taken the government to task. Thus Pawan targeted BJP, YSRCP and TDP in his speech. Jana Sena leader said that he is being branded as BJP supporter but people will give a befitting reply to this. Pawan made it clear that there is no question of him supporting any party.

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