Will Dil Raju suffer more loss?

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Once the films made and distributed by top director Dil Raju were considered to be half successful even before their release. Dil Raju’s judgment then carried lot of value. But these days Raju is suffering one setback after the other. Last year, he directed six films and all six were hit. Even MCA featuring Nani was dubbed flop but it also proved hit in terms of collections.

Raju, who was successful as director, last year suffered huge loss by distributing films like ‘Spyder’. The films distributed by him in recently all bombed one after the other. Early this year, he bought Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ for a huge price in view of the expectations created by this movie but he suffered massive loss. Nani, who had given series of hits, disappointed with ‘krishna Arjun Yuddham’. In the matter of this film too, Raju’s judgment  proved completely wrong.

The latest release ‘Mehbooba’ of Puri Jagnanth’s son Akash Puri proved such a disaster that it could not recover film screening rights and publicity expenses. Despite putting some conditions in case of this film, Raju’s judgment proved flop. Has Raju taken another wrong decision by buying Nizam rights of another film? This question is being discussed in the industry now.

Raju is ready to be distributor for movie ‘Sakshyam’ made with Bellamkonda Srinivas as hero. There is talk that he bought Nizam rights of this movie for a huge price. ‘Sakshyam’ hero still doesn’t have a market. The movie’s director Sriwass also has no hits to his credit. His last movie ‘Dictator’ with Balakrishna was average. Hero Srinivas has still not proved himself as commercial hero.

Then what the film ‘Sakshyam’ coming in this combination will do? How far it lives up to Raju’s expectations? Wait and see. This film with Bellamkonda Srinivas and Puja Hegde as lead pair will be released on June 14. Since the film is based on spirits and has been made with new concept, some people have big expectations from it.

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