Cherry Vs Bunny war to hot up

There is no need to mention about Mega family craze in Telugu film history. After Mega star and Power star, among the present generation there is competition between Mega Power star Ram Charan (Cherry) and Chiru’s brother-in-law and top producer Allu Aravind’s son Allu Arjun (Binny) for the place of top  hero. Number wise, there are so far 11 heroes in Mega family. Now Sai Dharam Tej’s brother Vaishnav Tej is also making his debut. For stardom, the competition is between Bunny and Cherry. They have already proved themselves as star heroes.

In 2003, Bunny entered the industry with the movie ‘Gangotri’ while Ram Charan made his debut in 2006 with ‘Chirutha’. With his second film ‘Magadheera’ Cherry achieved undisputed stardom. After that Cherry did not take risk. He tried to play safe game with routine stories like Raccha, Nayak, Yevadu, Govindudu Andarivadele   and Bruce Lee.

Cherry’s experiment was good in the beginning but deteriorated later. After setbacks like Govindudu and Bruce Lee, he realized that if he continues with routine movies like this he will also become a routine. He somewhat changed with ‘Dhruva’ and now with ‘Rangasthalam’ he has entered a different league. By earning Rs.120 crore and by running 50 days in 81 centres, ‘Rangasthalam’ changed Cherry’s career and stardom.

On the other hand, Bunny was racing ahead with ‘Race Gurram’. The movie with Rs.60 crore collection shocked star heroes. With movies like ‘Son of Satyamurthy’  ‘Sarrainodu’ and ‘DJ’ both for class and mass audience and historic movie like ‘Rudramma Devi’ he completely sidelined Cherry. Allu Arjun first won the class audience with class movies and then came close to mass with movies like ‘Sarrainodu’. He won praise from all for ‘Rudramma Devi’.

Bunny is the only Tollywood hero to hold record of giving six films in a row with collections of Rs.50 crore. Even a disaster like ‘DJ’ also grossed Rs.100 crore. Recently released ‘Na Peru Surya’ is the only disaster for Allu Arjun after a long time. This film too earned Rs.50 crore. Critics and audience after comparing the track record of the duo, points out why Cherry is not a match to Bunny in acting and dance.

Cherry has legacy. Lakhs of fans of his father are behind him. Despite the fan following of his father, the wrong steps taken by him and total reliance on legacy and routine steps saw Cherry trailing Bunny in the race. However, Rangasthalam proved that if Cherry gets right film, Bunny’s stamina is no match to him.

By being busy in politics and other activities till recently, Chiru had put Cherry’s career entirely in the hands of Allu Aravind. Aravind makes many deals in Telugu cinema industry. After all, Cherry is nephew, Bunny is son. There is no doubt that whenever a director came with a good story, Aravind planned to do it with Bunny. In the past whenever directors approached Chiru with good stories, he used to refer them to Allu Aravind and Bunny scored hits with those stories. When Chiru sought clarifications from Allu Aravind, he did not have any excuses.

Now Chiru is free and he is also working in films. After Rangasthalam, he has decided to carefully plan the career of his son. On the other hand Upasna also entered the fray. Till recently, Sneha Reddy was also involved in the planning of career of her husband Bunny. She used to take care of fitness and style issues. She even arranged some tutors for Bunny keeping in view the nature of the roles he was playing. Thus Bunny made countless fans in a short period. He also created a separate market in Kerala.

It’s not that Chiru was unaware of the activities of Allu Aravind. That’s why a good opportunity in the form of ‘Rangasthalam’ came to make Cherry a top actor. Chiru, Upasana and Chiru gang living separately in the Mega family has started the game to continue this craze to ensure that Chiru’s successor move ahead. Is Bunny versus Cherry war going to further intensify? There is no doubt.

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