Is Brahmanandam era over?

Brahmanandam…the name is enough to bring smile on one’s face. The moment he appears on screen, the audience burst into laughter. His specialty is that he makes you laugh with his mere gestures and without dual meaning dialogues. Whoever may be the director or hero, audience go to cinemas to only watch Brahmanandam. Before going to a particular movie, many audience inquire whether it has Brahmanandam. His presence is enough. Producer and director will be sure of the film being a hit. Directors create separate track in the stories especially for Brahmanandam. All members in a family may not know the hero’s name but they all recognize him. He ruled the Telugu film screen as comic actor for three decades. However, there has been talk of his fewer appearances over last four to five years.

In recent times, Brahmi’s acting stated looking routine. His role is being largely confined to be hero’s assistant. Brahmi cracks jokes and to dominate this hero counters him with his humor or  thrashes him. Audiences have got bored of watching the same formula. There is also talk that directors have failed to create comedy track for him. Directors and story writers have been giving him only one character which becomes ‘bakra’ before the hero. The audiences have fed up watching the same character.

There was a time when there used to be non-stop laughter the moment Brahmanandam appears on screen. Today, when same Brahmi appears on screen, audiences wait for his exit. A talk has started in Telugu film industry that the era of Brahmanandam’s comedy is over. That’s why even films made by relying on him also failed to earn appreciation of the audience. The arrival of new generation comedians is also causing problems to Brahmanandam. In this context, his comedy is also not being enjoyed by the audience.

Comedians like Ali, Sunil, Thagubothu Ramesh changed their route some time after entering the film industry. Sunil started doing roles of hero and thus distanced from comic roles.  At the same time, he caused sensation in Jabardast team on television. He created new trend in comedy. TV viewers used to eagerly wait for the weekly programme Jabardast. The comedians who participate in this programme like Shakalaka Shankar, Hyper Aadi, Raccha Ravi and others had become known to Telugu people. They are entertaining viewers with good skits. Initially, with their punches they created riot of laughter. Today, this situation is no longer there.

But there is big difference between Brahmanandam comedy and Jabardast comedy. There is no doubt that Brahmanandam has given the medicine of laughter to audience. However, in Jabardast, they make fun of a person’s colour and features, denigrates him and crack jokes  ridiculing the sensitive human relationships. No only this. They also end skits with many dual meaning dialogues. There is criticism that that they are ridiculing the comedy in this programme.

People say that all family members can’t sit together before TV to watch Jabardast skits. Many are making satire that Jabardast actors will realise that viewers like healthy comedy.

In the past, the movies did not have separate comedy track. Directors and writers used to write special comedy tracks for comedians. This comedy track comes and goes in the movie. However,  with the change in the trend more screen presence has to be given to hero and heroine. Now hero is doing the comedy. Heroes tease heroines or make fun of villains or other character artists. With heroes doing the comedy with these scenes, separate comedy scenes are being reduced. Because of this trend, the need of Brahmi is also coming down. Some people have got bored of watching Brahmi for years.

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