Many claimants for TDP ticket in Roja’s constituency

What is the position of TDP in party chief Chandrababu Naidu’s home district of Chittoor? With just  one year to go for elections, what kind of strategies are being adopted by the leaders here? Who is making what efforts for party ticket?  These questions are being  currently debated. From some constituencies, two to  three TDP leaders are getting  ready to contest. In this context, the main question is who are the leaders who will get the  opportunity to contest.

TDP is going ahead with the strategy to win the coming elections at any cost. It is already campaigning that if it comes to power again, the state can be developed and only an experienced chief minister can pull AP out of  troubles. In such a situation the question which is arising is who among the leaders competing for tickets, be selected by Chandrababu and who will he reject. Considering the competition, it appears Chandrababu’s calculations and equations for every seat will change.

From Chittoor district’s Nagari constituency, represented by YSRCP firebrand Roja, at least three key leaders of TDP are in race for the ticket. In the past, TDP’s senior leader Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu contested from here. Being senior leader of TDP and the support he enjoyed among people were his strengths. But he is no more around. However, his two sons who want to be his successors are hoping to get the ticket.

They are demanding the TDP to give them ticket in recognition of their father’s services. Among them Gali’s eldest son Bhanu Prakash Naidu has good relations with people in this constituency. When Muddukrishnama was alive, he used to introduce Bhanu as his successor among the people in the constituency. That’s why whatever may be the problems, people always apprise him of the same. However, in the matter of party ticket, younger son is also making all efforts. Lack of consensus in Gali family has become a problem.

Moreover, engineering college chairman Ashok Raju, Karnataka Telugu Federation vice president Suresh Verma, former minister Chengareddy’s daughter Indira and others are also hoping to get Nagari ticket. TTD JE Srinivasa Raju is also in the race. It will be interesting to see who among them will get the opportunity. However, the party leadership has its focus on Roja. It has decided to field a candidate who can defeat her. But the question who among these will give her a tough contest. To summarise, even before the elections, Nagari constituency has become a test for TDP chief.

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