Pawan fast moves to Arts College in Srikakulam

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan shifted his two-day fast from his resort to the Government Arts College in Srikakulam. On the first day he held the fast in his resort. He was caught alone, calling it as fast, reading some book and spending the whole day not meeting anyone. The second day on Saturday, he moved to the government college where he allowed his supporters to meet him.

Pawan had threatened to go on two-day fast for the cause of the chronic kidney disease victims of Uddanam area in the district. He gave two days for the government to react on the issues. But, the government ignored his demand and did not respond, expect the Chief Minister holding a review and closing the issue.

As the government did not respond to his threat, Pawan Kalyan wanted to begin his fast. On the first day the government did not give the permission for him to start his fast forcing him to confine himself to his room in the resorts. On the second day he moved to the Government Arts College grounds as the police cleared it.

Interestingly, in his resorts room or now in the Arts College grounds, he was found reading some books.

The Jana Sena chief had initially announced that he would undertake padayatra in the three districts of Uattarandhra starting from May 20. Two days after starting the walk, he shifted the padayatra to the bus yatra blaming the government for not providing security for him.

He sought the protection from the government for his programmes, but had surrendered the two gunmen provided by the government and is managing things with the bouncers. He is still trying to conduct politics like a cinema with the bouncers around and script on hand. The shift from padayatra to bus yatra in just two days is enough for him to understand that films are different from politics.

Walking all the way to victory is not possible Mr. Pawan.

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