‘Ammammagarillu’ beat ‘Nela Ticket’ hands down

‘Nela Ticket’, which was released on Friday in Ravi Teja-Kalyan Krishna combination amid high expectations, has overall bagged fail marks from  audience and critics. There is criticism ‘Nela Ticket’ like its title is a cheap movie with Kalyan Krishna failing to come out with any content. While Ravi Teja’s performance is good, the characterization is not at all impressive. Malvika did not suit as Ravi Teja’s heroine. Music is a big minus. Thus with many minus points, the film is being branded as flop. Producer, hero Ravi Teja and heroine Malvika did their best for the publicity of ‘Nela Ticket’. The film team created lot of buzz for last one week with interviews and press meets.

To compete with ‘Nela Ticket’, Naga Shaurya’s ‘Ammammagarillu’ was released but without expectations and any publicity. This film is earning the appreciation. ‘Oye’ heroine Shamili has made a re-entry as the heroine in this film based on family story and it is being liked by all. Naga Shaurya has performed well while Shamili’s screen presence is good. Rao Ramesh has earned the praise for his acting. The film will have emotional touch with the audience. Especially, the second half is impressive. It is being said that the film’s dialogues are also wonderful. It is also being said that this film would have been a bigger hit with good publicity. The lack of publicity is the biggest minus point of this movie.

Despite being released without publicity, with just its dialogues ‘Ammammagarillu’ can easily defeat ‘Nela Ticket’. The two films have many differences. While ‘Nela Ticket’ has targeted the mass, ‘Ammammagarillu’ has become hit by targeting family audience. Thus Naga Shaurya has got an upperhand over Ravi Teja.

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