‘Mahanati’ earns three-fold revenues

Two big movies dominated the box-office in March-April while in May, ‘Mahanati’, which came as medium-budget film outperformed ‘Na Peru Surya’ to become a mega hit. The film made huge collections. With ‘Mahanati’, Ashwini Dutt regained his position as a top producer. By presenting Savitri’s life on screen, Nag Ashwin scored biggest hit of his career. ‘Mahanati’ which was made with a budget of Rs.20 crore to Rs.25 crore, has so far grossed Rs.35 crore.

It is being said that the film will earn another Rs.10 crore. ‘Mahanati’ satellite rights are still not sold. Trade sources estimate that with satellite, digital and subbing rights all put together ‘Mahanati’ could earn Rs.60 crore. Thus the makers of ‘Mahanati’ will be earning three times the money they invested and this is not a small thing. Recovering with this movie, Ashwini Dutt is again getting ready to make films with big stars. Ashwini Dutt, who incurred huge losses after making big budget films like ‘Shakti’ and ‘Kantri’, has bounced back with ‘Mahanati’.

‘Mahanati’ carried no expectations before its release but with the film doing huge business, it come as a boon for Ashwini Dutt. In several places, Ashwini Dutt and team had to release ‘Mahanati’ on their own. In some areas, they sold the movie for a meager price. Now, this film is recording collections like a big movie.

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