Has director taken revenge on Brahmi?

These days no film featuring Brahmanandam has been released. He is neither seen in small role nor in bigr role. He once used to call shots as a star comedian but currently he is passing through a difficult phase. Earlier, Brahmi used to make all the difference with his mere expression but today directors are not even creating a character for him in their movies. There are speculations in film circles that a director is taking revenge on Brahmi. The latest release ‘Nela Ticket’ features Brahmanandam as an actor but the film is running in theatres with disaster collections. The way director designed Brahmanandam’s role in this film has shocked all. The reason for their shock is that he is seen in two three scenes and that too sitting on the floor with crazy looks.

Social media is abuzz with comments that Brahmi’s standard has come down to this level. It is being said that Kalyan Krishna deliberately gave this role to Brahmi. Kalyan Krishna in his first movie ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ had given a key role to Brahmanandam, who in that movie talks with Nagarjuna’s spirit. It is being said that during shooting of Soggade Chinni Nayana’ Brahmi troubled Kalyan Krishna with the remark that the young lad is doing his debut movie. To take revenge for this Kalyan Krishna deliberately gave a useless role to Brahmi in ‘Nela Ticket’ and after the shooting deleted many scenes.

Some people are wondering why Brahmi did this useless role. They also say that since ‘Nela Ticket’ has anyway failed, it will not be a loss if Brahmi doesn’t get any benefit from this movie.

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