Why Motkupalli turned against Chandrababu?

In today’s politics it is common for leaders to switch loyalties if they are denied any opportunity. Another problem has been added to the long list of problems faced by TDP in Telangana. This may even impact Andhra Pradesh. The party has taken serious note of the rebellion by senior leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu. He has been expelled from the party. However, it doesn’t look that the story will end here. How many more leaders will follow this trend? Party leaders are surprised over why the leadership suddenly got angry over Motkupalli. Many are asking whether the issues raised by him are legitimate or not. The opposition parties are celebrating over this problem faced by their enemy.  Narasimhulu’s anger has caused tremors in TDP. It’s not just a test for TDP as a party but also shows to what level the integrity of leaders is lost.

Motkupalli, who served as MLA for five times and was also a minister, was a senior leader in TDP. He was very close to N. T. Rama Rao. He was also a friend of Chandrababu Naidu. That’s why Chandrababu thought of making him governor. He was also considering him for Rajya Sabha. However, the chances of both were lost. Since TDP pulled out of NDA, it eliminated chances of Motkupalli becoming governor. With TDP weakening by the day in Telangana, it has no bright future in the state. It means he too has not future. He thought at least an alliance with TRS will get him a seat and enable him to win the election. With latest developments, this too had become difficult. Facts opened the eyes of Motkupalli and he felt it is inevitable to leave TDP. He took the first step with sharp criticism of Chandrababu. However, his sudden attack raised many eyebrows.

KCR left the job of lashing out at Chandrababu to the leaders of that party. With the hope of getting governor’s post, Motkupalli was loyal to Babu till recently. He also had friendly relations with KCR. After Chandrababu Naidu shifted the capital to Amaravati, senior leaders realized clearly that TDP survival in Telangana is an impossible task like rebirth. Leaders of two groups in the party tried to take it in different directions.   Senior leaders like Motkupalli advanced towards TRS. Leaders like Revanth Reddy, who consider KCR as born enemy, tried to befriend Congress. Chandrababu was against both the ways. This resulted in Revanth charting his own course to join Congress. TRS leaders felt that line is clear for them and thought that it would be better if TDP merged with their party. Taking the view of leaders like KCR into consideration, Motkupalli at one stage even made an announcement. He publicly suggested that TDP should be merged with TRS because that party also has leaders from TDP. Since then Chandrababu Naidu had been keeping Motkupalli at a distance. Because of this KCR did not succeed in his plans. This created a situation where it became inevitable for Motkupalli to take a political decision.

Motkupalli prepared a firm plan to corner TDP and Chandrababu in Telangana. He questioned why Andhra Assembly is not passing a resolution on categorization of SC reservation for the benefit of Madigas. He thus tried to distance Madigas from TDP. This was also aimed at denying TDP the support of Madigas, who constitute three to four percent in Andhra Pradesh. In the past TDP fully supported categorization of SC reservation. During Chandrababu Naidu’s rule, categorization was implemented for some time. However, the Supreme Court struck down the policy. After bifurcation, TDP was undecided on which side to be taken. In Andhra, Malas, who are in big numbers, are opposing categorization. Madigas who are more in numbers in Telangana are agitating over categorization. TDP which backed categorization for political interests in Telangana is now maintaining silence to protect its interests in AP. Chandrababu gave Rajya Sabha seats to wealthy candidates. Motkupalli stated that by giving Rajya Sabha seats to poor, KCR did social justice. His comments sparked a debate in the party. Motkupalli’s criticism is good for change in the behavior of TDP. However, objections are being raised over its timing. Realising that Chandrababu Naidu could do him no harm, Motkupalli went all out against him. It takes no time for leaders to change their colours

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