Movie from outside emerges winner

Three films hit the screens last Friday. Nagarjuna-Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Officer’ was first among them. The second was Raj Tharun’s ‘Raju Gadu’ while the third was Kollywood movie ‘Abhimanyudu’ which entered the fray to compete with Tollywood films. While ‘Officer’ and ‘Raju Gadu’ were released straight from Tollywood, ‘Abhimanyudu’ came before Telugu audience from the outside. Out of these three films, both Telugu films bombed while the one from other side was liked by the audience. Kollywood movie ‘Abhimanyudu’ with Vishal-Samantha pair proved a hit in Kollywood as well as in Telugu.

Ram Gopal Varma, who made ‘Officer’, has once again given a flop. Varma, who was a top director in the past, is not in form for quite some time.  Besides this, Varma, who always runs into controversies, has given big shock to Nagarjuna with ‘Officer’. He was clueless as to how to entertain audience with this movie. Meanwhile, hero Raj Tharun, who was losing form, joined hands with a new director to make ‘Raju Gadu’. However, this film too flopped. The film received flop talk in the very first show and it is being said that ‘Raju Gadu’ will be a big disaster.

Though two Telugu films were in the competition, Kollywood movie ‘Abhimanyudu’ daringly entered the theatres, received the talk of super hit and put a check on the Telugu movies. Military trainer Vishal is an angry man. He takes bank loan for his sister’s marriage but shockingly the money disappears from the account. While trying to solve this mystery, he runs into White Devil (Action king Arjun). Director Mitran has won the praise from all for depicting how cyber crimes are affecting all of us. The movie made with investigation story has got pass marks from Telugu critics. Thus in the fight of two Telugu films released on Friday, a film from outside has emerged the winner.

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