YSR Congress MPs resignation accepted ?

The five MPs of YSR Congress claimed that Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had agreed in principle to accept their resignations. The MPs have given their resignations on April 6, the last day of the budget session, in protest against the denial of the special category status to the State. Since then, they have been insisting on the Speaker accept their resignations.

The MPs met the Speaker on May 29 and requested her to accept their resignations. Again on June 6, the MPs met her and renewed their demand. However, the Speaker had asked them to give her confirmation letters admitting that the resignations were voluntary and there was no pressure on them. The MPs said that they have given the confirmation letters too and await the notification from the Speaker’s office.

The YSR Congress MPs, by getting their resignations accepted by the Speaker have pre-empted the TDP leaders on their charge of collusion with the BJP in not getting the resignations accepted and not going for by-elections. The TDP had already declared that it would contest the by-elections and expose the double games of the YSR Congress on the special category status demand and its relationship with the BJP.

Now, by getting the resignations accepted, the YSR Congress had left the field for the TDP to play its share of the game. The TDP, for sure, will now talk about the YSR Congress MPs getting clearance from the Election Commission for the by-polls. The Tirupati MP V Varaprasada Rao accused the TDP leaders of playing dramas on the special category status issue for the past four years and they would continue the same dramas for the next 11 months.

But, the TDP MP Kesineni said that the TDP MPs would not resign to the posts as they were voted for five years and they were expected to stay in Delhi and fight for the State issues in Parliament. “There is no point in running away from the battle field. We have to stay back here and continue to fight for the State issues,” was what the TDP MP had conveniently claimed

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