Jagan flying high on YSRCP MPs’ resignation

YSR Congress chief Jaganmohan Reddy had welcomed the sacrifice of resignation made by the party MPs. While holding his party MPs high, he took a dig at the ruling Telugu Desam Party for not following suit to mount pressure on the Central government.

He said he had been asking the TDP to make its MPs too to resign in protest and the resignations of 25 MPs on one cause would draw the attention of the nation and subsequently would put pressure on the BJP leadership to accept the demand. He regretted that the TDP had no such commitment to the cause of the people. He held both TDP and the BJP equally responsible for the denial of the special category status to the State, the core issue that had brought down the anger of the people at the time of bifurcation.

He blamed the TDP for compromising on the special category status for the political gains. “A state started with huge revenue gap, has no capital and no Central institutions, no international airport, no basic infrastructure is now let to its fate. The Central government had failed to give a helping hand. The State government had compromised for its political gains and had went on spending huge money for publicity further aggravating financial position of the State,” Jaganmohan Reddy said.

He blamed the TDP for running the government on weekly borrowings and spending huge money on publicity and the Chief Minister’s travel. “The State debt is more than the budget projection. Chandrababu Naidu claims that he is the senior most politician in the country and the able administrator. If the debt is more than the budget or revenue, what kind of experience he is showing,” Jaganmohan Reddy asked.

The YSR Congress chief said he and his party would stand for the special category status and would go to the people in the next election on the same issue. In 2014, people have voted on the special category status promise by the TDP and BJP. The YSR Congress chief sees that it was a mistake that people have realised now and would once again vote for the party which did not change its stand on the popular demand.

On the resignations of the party MPs, Jaganmohan Reddy is flying high anticipating peoples’ support in the next election. He believes that the resignation  of the MPs had won the hearts of the people and that would benefit his party in the next round of elections.

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